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Fox Force Five News Interview with Tony West

Tony West gives highlights of the interview

Back in June of 2015, Keven Skinner of Fox Force Five News interviewed me for an article. It took place right before Blacklist Union released our fourth studio album, ‘Back to Momo.’ Here are some highlights from that interview that give insight into the album, Blacklist Union and myself as an artist.

Getting Personal

No interview would be complete without diving into a person’s love life, and Keven certainly covered all his bases on that front. He doesn’t doubt I’ve dated every chick in Hollywood, and asked about any bad experiences I ever had with a girl. I told him about how one romantic interest, a very well-known singer, threatened to stab me. I also had a marriage to Cat Woman that lasted a whole 3 days.

Back to Momo

A large portion of the interview was focused on our new album, ‘Back to Momo,’ which Blacklist Union released on July 10th. Blacklist Union’s previous album, ‘Til Death Do Us Part,’ released in 2012, was heavily influenced by the death of loved ones. Back to Momo is about having a good time and letting go of pain. You should enjoy your life instead of being weighed down by the negatives, like death and breakups.

The album is named after a massage parlor – the kind that offers more than casual backrubs...

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